The Romanovs, Love, Power & Tragedy

The Romanovs, Love, Power & Tragedy

The State Archives of the Russian Federation offered Leppi Publications total access to the Romanov archives held in Moscow. The publishers undertook to produce the ultimate and definitive work on the last Tsar. Russia’s best scholars and historians were commissioned, the huge task of photographing the entire Romanov archives begun.

ISBN 095216440-1

The family photograph albums, a vast and personal record of the family, the diaries and letters of the Tsar and Tsarina, revealing their deepest thoughts and lasting love. The diaries, letters, drawings and watercolours of the grand duchesses and Tsarevich Alexei, even a lock of Nikolai’s hair kept by his loving wife had been preserved.

The opportunity was so unique the publishers felt that further work was needed. Special photographic and reprographic techniques were used to ensure that the archival material, historic documents and never seen before photographs, letters and diaries would be totally authentically reproduced. 

The Romanovs has received worldwide acclaim:

“A unique and moving book of unique historical interst” - Peter Grosvenor, Daily Express London

“Reading it is like visiting an exhibition – everything is displayed and clearly labelled; the more time you allow the more you discover . . . remarkable is the right word for this book . . . it is stunning, far more impressive than anything else of its kind.” - Charlotte Zeepvat, Royalty Digest

“The family’s photograph albums – an illustrated chronicle of the life of the last Tsar forms the core of this photographic treasure house.” - Daily Mail London

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