Diana, an English Rose

It took her death to remind the world of just how special Diana, Princess of Wales, had become to us ever since she was introduced to the world in 1981 as the future wife of the Prince of Wales. Her life as a princess, we now know, was far from the fairytale that the world expected and fervently hoped for that summer afternoon when she walked down the steps of St Paulís Cathedral on the arm of her own Prince Charming.


The highs and lows of that life are chronicled by author Susan Maxwell Skinner with an insight and compassion rare in reportage of royal events. This is one of the most compelling accounts of that turbulent life, complimented by hundreds of superb photographs, including some of the late princesses own favourites. Diana, An English Rose will delight all those who remember with affection Diana, Princess of Wales.

Hard Back Version

Hard Back version

ISBN 095216441-8

Leather Bond Version

Leather Bond Version

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